Junk Removal & Cleanouts

ATC Services Junk Removal

There are a number of junk removal services ATC offers customers in the Metrowest and Worcester County area. ATC Services is based out of Upton, but Gary will go anywhere that’s reasonable and price the junk removal job accordingly. No job is too big or too small. ATC Services will take one item or remove junk from an entire house. Additionally, in the winter months, ATC Services also offers rooftop snow removal. Learn more about ATC’s Junk Removal Services and Winter Services.

ATC Services takes every opportunity to recycle on every junk removal and cleanout job. Our motto is remove, recycle, and donate. Through the process of a cleanout, Gary identifies three types of junk: metal, wood, and other. If there is a chance it can be salvaged, he tries to make that happen. What you think is junk, could be donated to become someone’s treasure or could be recycled. The less junk Gary has to bring to the Transfer Station for disposal, the better price he can give you for a junk removal & cleanout job! Contact Gary for a FREE estimate.

“I take pretty much anything you need to get rid of. I tell people I take everything but your wife. I can’t deal with asbestos, but there is pretty much nothing else I won’t take. I take all metal for free on every cleanout, because I can recycle that. Everything that I get – clothing, toys, books – I try to recycle. I donate much of it to charities in the area, like clothing to the Salvation Army. I’d rather give someone in need a bureau than throw it in the trash. There is no sense throwing everything into a landfill. When I go to the transfer station, I’m charged by the weight. The less I have to pay to get rid of a load, the better I can treat the customer.”

~ Gary Pizzillo, owner of ATC Services